MARLE GROUP acquires Nowak and Belmonte in France

Marle Group has acquired France based Nowak. The Marle Group now has thirteen (13) production facilities globally that are exclusively focused on orthopedic, trauma and spine implant and instrument, and surgical robotics manufacturing for OEM’s worldwide. The Marle Group is a strategic partner with a reputation for excellence focused on delivering value to its customers through technical expertise, efficient medical device contract manufacturing and outstanding quality systems. 

This acquisition adds two new French facilities to our portfolio, Marle Nowak in Pancé, a world class medical casting location and Marle Belmonte in Valence, which is a medical device manufacturing location mainly focused on machining and finishing of ortho implants.  Both facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified with robust quality systems. 

Marle now owns two of the top medical casting facilities and two of the top medical forging facilities in all of Europe. 

The acquisition of Marle Nowak and these two talented technical teams expands Marle Group’s contract manufacturing offering with the addition of another world class medical device manufacturing company that creates a total end-to-end solution for our customers. Marle now has eight (8) France facilities, one (1) Swiss and four (4) U.S. facilities to support our global customers and their continued growth. This solution supports our Marle Group’s current research and innovation, product development, prototyping, various manufacturing platforms (additive, forging, casting, or subtractive machining), inspection and quality, complete packaging, and delivery of complex finished product. 

Marle Group will continue to make strategic acquisitions and partnerships to expand its value-added portfolio for its OEM customers. 

Comments from the Marle America Leadership Team 

Heimo Wabusseg, CEO, Marle Group, “We are excited to add Marle Nowak and Marle Belmonte to our Marle family and are aligned on our mutual focus on collaborating with our customers to manufacture products that provide better patient outcomes. Our Marle focus on technology, quality and innovation makes this acquisition a perfect fit for our continued growth in supporting OEM’s worldwide. 

Frank D. Noone, Vice President, Marle America, “Marle Nowak gives our customers more capacity and redundancy in the medical casting space. These two great facilities add additional complex manufacturing capacity and strengthen our position as one of the top medical device contract manufacturers globally. We are proud to be serving the global orthopedics industry with the world’s finest implants and instruments.”